Learn to build your CV to work abroad

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You will learn how to build your CV based on what employers look for in a potential employee.


  • Why is it so important to have a CV?
  • The general structure of a successful CV.
  • Just one CV to apply for all offers or a specific CV for each job?
  • Aspects to consider to avoid mistakes – Learn to create a CV based on your achievements instead of simple task lists.
  • Learn how to identify keywords from the job advertisement and use them in your CV.

In addition, all registered participants will receive a complete review of your CV.

The five workshops are taught by Florencia Montaruli from Cinco Valijas. Flor is a freelance journalist currently working as an editor for a UK news website and as a fact-checker for a US-based news agency with offices around the world. She completed a postgraduate degree in Business Enterprise in New Zealand, where she focused her training in the area of Marketing and Human Resources. She is also a Digital Marketing Associate certified by Meta Blueprint and a Remote Work Specialist certified by SheWorks! In addition, she has taken Workshops about LinkedIn and Successful Job Interviews, both taught by Meta Blueprint United States.

How to access to the workshop:

Once you are registered, you will receive full access to the content.

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